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Our packaged services (Project Management Office, Change Management, HR Taxonomy and HR Service Catalogue) are based on best practices.  Our local or global experts (HCM Project managers Business Architect, HCM and Payroll SME and Change Management consultant) follow our proven methodology using our templates to complete a set of deliverables driving the project activities thru our quality gates.

The workload of our team members depends of the scope of the activities to complete, we build their calendar taking in account your requirements and budget. From a few hours per week to a weekly full time, your ghc business consultants will work with your project team to deliver your project successfully.

ghc HR Taxonomy, HR Service Catalogue

The first step towards a truly Payroll operation is to review your HR Taxonomy and Service Catalogue (local, global) and describe the processes from level 1 to level 5 (Standard Operational Procedures).


Our approach starts with a functional grid based on  HR Taxonomy Best Practice to help us identify the scope of the mapping review. The 23 key payroll processes are grouped by 3 activities (Pre, Run and Post Payroll) and are crossed by geographic levels. 

After the freezing of the scope, our business architects roll out our templates gathering all the data required within your organization to deliver a set of reports  and business recommendations to support your HCM strategy.

SAP Staff Augmentation


If you're looking for specialized SAP augmentation services, it's important to understand that SAP HR is a vast system with many obscure specialities. It takes an experienced SAP HR Payroll expert to uncover a client's true SAP augmentation skills required. That's where our staff augmentation solutions come in. Whether you need an industry expert, such as in defense, or a specialist in hedge management, our staff augmentation model can help.  As a highly specialized SAP augmentation vendor and staff augmentation consulting company, we can quickly help determine exactly which kind of SAP consultant you truly need, and provide them to you at a budget conscious consulting rate.


Your own on-demand team of modern HR professionals. We take the stress out of your HR. Focus on scaling your business while we handle your HR pain points. We do the work.

Change Management as a Service

A shift to global payroll will involve engaging the

workforce in the change and managing the expectations and roles of various stakeholder groups; some of which will be defined by national borders.


Our approach is to fit your unique needs in change

management by delivering within your organization

an change management package as a service. Our

global, regional and local change consultants follow

our proven methodology to roll out visible deliverables with adjusted outputs content to match your global strategy and your specific organizational

enhancements (moving to a shared service center

organization, reaching the expectations of a large

headcount country with customized outputs,

channels or media, on line communication and

training and/or customized face to face training

sessions). Your project Manager from our shared

PMO will delivery your change project providing you

on weekly basis status, actions, risks and


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