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Our solutions will increase the efficiency of your HCM project before the kick-off with our Global Payroll Advisors and when the hyper care period is completed with a smooth transition to our near shore AMS centers. Our unique knowledge and expertise of the LATAM region will secure your LATAM countries part of your global roll-out.

Application Management Support

AMS plays a key role for a long term success of your

HCM solution.

Our Application Management Services help you get

a flexible, tailored service customized from the SAP

HCM and SuccessFactors catalog, supporting

multi-site, multi-lingual and global operations with

24/7 coverage across various time zones from our

Center of excellence.




GHC Application Management Support solution:

  • T2AMS – a methodology for AMS. A proven, clear set of deliverables and milestones (T2AMS) to welcome the projects after their implementation. new governance will support this period with scheduled meetings and visible KPIs, Robust support, governance and transition methodology;

  • Regional AMS Team: Experimented consultants

(speaking English and local language);

  • Flexible support approach: SLA based, SharedResource pools, Dedicated resources, Bucket of hours ,on-demand and other.

Global Payroll

Rather than seeking order by issuing global vendor

RFPs or country-by-country enterprise resource

planning (ERP) build- outs, more and more global

companies are starting with a purposeful global

payroll strategy and governance model.


A Global Payroll Strategy defines the desired future

payroll operating model. This model includes the

required capabilities, roles and responsibilities to

support that model, any core process, technology

requirements and roadmap for achieving the expected benefits.

As a global payroll advisor, Global HCM consulting

will build your global payroll strategy providing you a

consistent governance model, optimized processes,

a scalable model delivering effective and integrated

payroll services with strengthen controls and regulatory compliance.

LATAM offering

How different is Latin America? So close from the US

and not so far from Europe, the “South of the Border”

countries are polar opposite in many ways. Delivering

a global HCM project in Latin America, you want to

avoid friction and misunderstandings with your

LATAM counterparts. While we learn to be on time,

use direct communication when we start our careers,

we have to integrate the importance of being patient,

the value of the relationship, etiquette when we

address central and south Americas. The scope of

the payrolls, the role and responsibilities of a payroll

manager are bigger in Latin America. HR and Finances are more impacted with payroll processes. Collaboration and coordination across business functions is crucial. Collective labor agreements changes, unique features (paid time off rules, paid cards, company loans, etc..) require a solid expertise in global roll outs with LATAM scope, a deep knowledge in local legal matters and local payrolls.


We provide our services for LATAM from our centers

of excellence based in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and

Argentina. We bring local expertise and knowledge

(in local language) in your LATAM roll out. We support the projects with our local teams (PM, SME) integrated in the global governance. Our regional Success Factors support center for application maintenance (AMS) is based in Colombia. From Bogota (near shore), we maintain the Americas (North and LATAM) scope of your global HCM platform delivering a high quality service.

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